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Ki-Paradigm LLC is an authorized service provider of Reiki Education and Research Institute.  We have been offering healing services since 2007.  Our practitioners are certified by Reiki Education and Research Institute (RERI) as a RERI certified Reiki practitioner and our practitioners have completed their Reiki Master Teacher Training as well as RERI clinical certification program. We provide healing services to all age groups. Our service includes Hands-on Reiki Session, Distance Healing Session and Spiritual Mentoring  Sessions.

Professional Approach

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Our practitioners are accountable and operating with high integrity for our client’s highest good. They are competent and they deliver excellent service quality. Our practitioners have clinical knowledge and experiences in providing healing service to our clients. In addition, our practitioners are required to complete continued education credits every two years in order to maintain their qualification with us.

Over-delivering values

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We are passionate about sharing Reiki with others because we have experienced and witness the healing power of Reiki on a daily basis. Our goal is to change the world by helping people to transform their lives using Reiki. Our practitioners are going above and beyond for the clienteles we serve to ensure their satisfaction is beyond their expectation.


Certified Experts

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Our practitioners received didactic training at Reiki Education and research Institute. He/she had to go through their own healing journey with the use of Reiki and other healing techniques in addition to the clinical certification program. Our practitioners are able to demonstrate their ability in working with clients and students effectively and successfully.

Our Services

Reiki Healing Session – on site

(We are not taking new client currently, please contact us to be placed on a waiting list for an opening.

Distance Healing Session

(Virtual Appointment)

Spiritual Mentoring Session

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Healing Attunement

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Maintain Your Energy Level Is Key To Physical, Mental-Emotional and Spiritual Health

Remove Energy Blocks!

Regular Energy Clean Up and Tune Up!

Maintain Your Energy Level and Connection to The Source Energy!

Reiki Healing and/or Spiritual Mentoring


Session for Children


Session for Adults


Session for Animals

We provide services

to clients worldwide


We have clients all over the United States and other countries. Our distance healing is a great option for clients around the world.